Skin Consultation

You could waste thousands on skincare, treatments and home remedies in your lifetime. Or, you could book a professional skin consultation.

Our therapists are fully qualified in the diagnosis of skin concerns, but more than that they are kind, heart-led people who want to see you feel confident in your skin.

Spend some time with them and emerge with a better understanding of your own skin, a plan of how to fix it and a partner for the journey.

Your skin goals are easily achieved with your professional skin therapist by your side.



30 minutes $75 redeemable

(redeemable against skin products/services purchased)

A consultation with our highly trained facialists will change the way you see your skin, identifying root causes of skin issues, and ensure every product you invest in delivers a good return. Please bring your skincare, makeup, medications and nutrient supplements to your appointment.

You’ll receive a personalized plan to guide your skin to healthy radiance.



If you have skin, we believe you need - deserve! - a proper Skin Consultation. Whether you're into a 10-Step Layered Skincare routine, or you keep it simple, you still need to know what genetic tendencies your skin has, so you can buy smartly & protect your skin in the right way. Everyone, simply everyone, NEEDS a Skin Consultation at least once a year.

Already had a Skin Consultation with us?

The next step is to book in for the treatments recommended by your skin therapist. You will have a product and treatment prescription on paper or in an email telling you what was suggested.

If you have any further questions about your recommended skin treatments, please reach out. We are totally at your skins service.


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